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    In the export trade since 1989, Brasconpany has a large variety of items for the customers of the international market, serving private and public companies in 39 countries with spare parts, made in Brazil, for cars, trucks as well as heavy equipment used in agriculture, construction and mining fields. It has been supported by high level supplier-partners from the brazilian industry which supplies original and aftermarket spares into a well structurated national network.

    As a world-wide exporter of spare parts for cars, truck, construction, farm and industrial heavy equipment, our aim is to provide you with the best balance of product knowledge, availability & price.


Fiat Cars

Uno (1050,1300,1500, Mille e Brio), Elba, Premio, Fiorino, Furgoneta, Pick Up, Oggi

Spazio, 147, Panorama, Tempra, Palio, Duna, Marea, Siena, Strada

General Motors Cars

Chevette (San Remo), Marajó, Chevy 500, Monza 1.6,1.8 y 2.0, Corsa, Opala, Caravan,

Comodoro, Diplomata, Vectra, Omega, Ipanema, Kadett, Astra, Veraneio/Bonanza, Suprema,

Blazer, D20, A10, C10, C14/15, S10

Volkswagen Cars

Sedan, 1300/1500/1600/Fusca, Brasília, Variant, TL, Karman Ghia, TC,

TL-1600, Gol Plus 1000/1.3/1.6/1.8/GTI, Parati, Voyage, Apollo, Passat,

Saveiro, Kombi 1.6/Pick Up/Furgoneta, Logus, Pointer, Santana, Quantum

Ford Cars

Corcel Belina, Belina II, Pampa 4x2, Del Rey/Scala, Escort, Verona, Fiesta 1.0/1.3/1.4,

F1000, F2000, F100, Versailles, Royale, Ka, F250



Mercedes Benz

608, 708, 709, 710/37, 912, 914/425, 1114, 914, L-608D, L/LB/LK/LS 1614/1618/1621/1714/1718/1721/1725, L/LB, 2213, 2314, 2318, 2325, 2414, 2418, 2425, 1214, 1215,1218, 1414, 1418, 1313, 1625, 1941, 1113, 1114, L1313, 1316, L321, L708, L709, 1513 /.../


F112, K112, K113, L110, L111, L75, L76,LK 111, LK 140, LK 141, R112, R142, R/S/T 113, T114, T124, S112, T112, T142 /.../


B10M, B58, N10, N12, NL10, NL12, NL10320, NL12360, NL12410, FH12380, FH12380 /.../


4500, 5000, 7000, 7500, 8500


F350, F4000, F11000, F12000, F13000, F14000, F22000, Cargo


6.80, 6.90, 7.90, 7-100, 8-100, 8-140, 12-140, 12-170, 14-150, 14-170, 16-170, 16-200, 16-210, 16-220, 16-300, 24-220, 24-250, 35-300


Here are some of the manufacturers of parts we are most frequently asked for:

Agrale - Allis Chalmers - Allison - American Crane - Atlas Copco - Barber Greene - Blaw Knox - Bobcat - Bomag - Bucyrus Erie - JI Case - Cifali - Ciber - Caterpillar - Clark Forklifts - Cummins - Daewoo - Detroit Diesel - Deutz - Delco Remy - Dresser - Dynapac - Eaton - Euclid - Faço/Svedala – Fiat Allis - Funk - Galion - Grove - Isuzu - Ingersoll Rand - IH International Harvester - Iveco - Hyster- JCB - John Deere - Kobelco - Komatsu - Kubota -Liebherr - Link Belt - Lorain - M.W.M - VME/Volvo/Michigan - Compactadores Muller - Tema Terra - Mitsubishi Forklifts - Motovespa/Piaggio Scooters - Nissan Forklifts - New Holland - O&K - P&H - Perkins - Poclain - Toyota Forklifts - Terex - Twin Disc - Yale Forklifts - Yanmar - ZF




  Mechanical Engine Components: Camshafts, Crankshafts, Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Mounts, Manifolds, Oil Pans, Oil Filters, Oil & Water Pumps, Pulleys, Fly-Wheels, Pistons, Connecting Rods, Rings, Valvetrains.

Electrical & Electronic Engine Components: Alternators, Voltage Regulators, Distributors, Fans, Motors, Emission Controls, Ignitions, Spark Plug Cables, Starters, Thermostats.

Fuel System Components: Air & Fuel Filters, Carburetors, Fuel Injection, Lines, Hoses, Pumps, Tanks, Turbochargers, Superchargers.

Drivetrain Components: Axles, Drive Shafts, Four-Wheel Drives, U-Joints, Constant Velocity Joints.

Transaxle Components: Clutches and components, Differential, Shift Assemblies, Transfer Cases, Transmission Gears, Transmission Systems, Transmission Valves.

Steering Components: Columns, Linkages, Tie Rods.

Suspension Components: Control Arms, Shock Absorbers, Spring, Stabilizers, Torsion Bars, Struts.

Exhaust System Components: Catalytic Converters, Mufflers, Tailpipes, Exhaust pipes, Brackets.


Braking Components: Calipers, Discs, Drums, Rotors, Shoes, Linings, Tubes, Hoses, Master Cylinders, Hydraulics, Friction Materials.

Electrical & Electronic Components: Connectors, Fuses, Controls, Headlamps, Instruments, Gauges, Meters, Lighting, Motors, Solenoids, Sensors, Actuators, Circuit Boards, Speed Controls, Turn Signals, Flashers, Windshield Washers, Power Window Lifters, Wipers, Wiring.

Heating & Cooling Components: Heat Exchangers, Radiator & Components.


Body Components: Panels, Pedals, Bumpers, Cross Members, Frames, Grilles, Steering-Wheels, Handles, Hinges, Instrument Panels, Dash Boards, Consoles, Latches, Locking Systems, Mirrors, Sunroofs, Conversible Tops, Vibration Controls, Weather-Stripping, Windshields, Windows, Manual Wndow Lifters, Dumpers.

Multi-Purpose Components: Headliners, Panels, Trims, Hubs, Hubcups, Covers, Bearings, Bellows, Cables, Couplings, Brackets, Clamps, Chains, Sprockets, Fasteners, Pins, Gears, Hoses, Tubes, Seals, Gaskets, Wire, Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Springs, Adhesives, Tape, Badges, Reservoirs, Bushings, Stamped Parts, Casting Parts, Forged Parts.

    So whatever your needs may be, Brasconpany is here to serve you. Our staff will deal with your enquiry in a professional manner.


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Brasconpany Intl. Trade Co. is not an Authorised Dealer of any of the above mentioned Vendors on this web site. Trademarks/Brands mentioned are owned and belong to their respective Vendors. All names, codes, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only, not implying that any of the items and/or pictures listed are Genuine Parts supplied by Vendors mentioned through our web site. Brasconpany Intl. Trade Co. is not associated or affiliated with any of the mentioned Vendors. If you are looking for Genuine Parts, please contact your Authorised local Dealer.



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